About Us

I started this business traveling around the world.  Initially I was "Work From Home" until one day that I couldn't connect because I was in a jungle in Costa Rica for a month so I quit my Job!  It's a funny story as I was staying with a group of world traveling friends.  That morning I got up and fixed everyone breakfast and poured myself a big glass of "Juice" and was trying to get online.  After not being able to get online, my boss contacted me and asked me to come home... I turned in my resignation right then..

The funny part of the story is that my friends pointed out that my juice was actually a type of alcohol added SANGRIA!  

This all started with pool parties and summer based fun days.  Being people that like to stand out and help people laugh has always been my agenda.  T-Shirts has been a prime source of just that.  Funny things that make strangers and friends laugh has always been a method of meeting new people and just simply being part of the fun in a crowd.  

Our shirts are just that. Our goal to help you have more fun!  These shirts are made to catch people's attention and them make them laugh.  Hopefully helping you find a few new fun friends in the process.  

So grab one or grab a few and let's see what new fun friends come your way simply from having on one of our entertaining shirts.